❓ About me

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I’m Tiago Valente.
A ?? Product leader, based in ??.

I build (B2C) digital products during the day and digital ventures by night.

About me

Portuguese ?? and father of one ?. I’m a Product leader, currently living in Dubai ?? with a passion for Mobile (apps) and building Consumer-facing Digital Products.
Fan of the Startups ecosystem, but Senior in the Corporate world – at Telco, Banking, Agencies, Internet & Retail industries.
Familiar with Leadership & Steering Committees exposure, Agile practitioner, profound experienced managing global products and teams, having managed the go-to-market for LATAM, MENA, ASIA markets – ? read more about my career background (or connect with me).

An engineer by Education who fell in love with design and (digital) Marketing. And then got ‘addicted’ into the apps & mobile world.
Digital native by heart. Ambitious, Curious, and Entrepreneur by blood. Having several personal ventures on my belt, being my most recent one’s Product Flaws and SuperApps.directory (here’s the Airtable DB).

I love to travel, play football (used to be a goalkeeper? for +16years), listen to podcasts at 1.5x, and read biographies, how to’s, and business books.

What I’m following

I’m currently reading, listening, watching, following, and digging the internet about:

For short-term: #NoCode #AutomationHacks
For the long-term: #PersonalFinance #RealEstate #PersonalDevelopment #PublicSpeaking

?️‍?️ Ultimate Life Ambition

Become a TedTalk speaker and attend my grandchildren’s college graduation party ?

Nice to e-meet you,

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