Author: Tiago Valente

Journey to Mental Fitness: Unveiling My ‘Why’ in Endurance Sports and Product Management

May – was/is the month where we globally spotlight mental health, a time to reflect, raise awareness, and dismantle the stigmas associated with mental health issues. However, I’d like to pivot the conversation a bit. Let’s talk about Mental Fitness. I believe our mental health is an integral part of our overall well-being and a crucial factor […]

From Product Manager to IRONMAN: How Product Management Principles Helped Me Conquer the World of Triathlons

One year ago today, I embarked on my journey into the world of triathlons, completing my first sprint race with a time of 1h35m47sec. Fast forward to now, I’ve successfully completed: ✅ 2 Super Sprint triathlons✅ 2 Sprints triathlons✅ 1 Olympic triathlon (where I had the pleasure to wear and represent in AG the Portugal […]

Mobile App Analytics 101: Best KPIs For App Measuring

Since 2021 just kick-off, it’s time to define objectives for your products. Therefore here are some of the best KPIs for App Measuring and Mobile App Analytics Best Practices that you should track ? ? Before all, the first main driver question is: What are you looking for? The data that you’ll collect from your […]

“Tiago Valente” – a Personal Branding Challenge

One of the things that we can’t change after we born, although nowadays it’s possible, it’s our name. It’s extremely hard (for all the reasons). I’ve born, fortunate and luckily (or not) with a “famous” name (including my surname), that was picked by other parents, even from different countries (other parents with good taste ✌️ […]