From Product Manager to IRONMAN: How Product Management Principles Helped Me Conquer the World of Triathlons

Tiago 1y triathlonjouney
Some highlights of my first year in the triathlon world

One year ago today, I embarked on my journey into the world of triathlons, completing my first sprint race with a time of 1h35m47sec. Fast forward to now, I’ve successfully completed:

✅ 2 Super Sprint triathlons
✅ 2 Sprints triathlons
✅ 1 Olympic triathlon (where I had the pleasure to wear and represent in AG the Portugal national colors)
✅ and 1 IRONMAN 70.3

Just this past Saturday, I revisited a similar course in Sharjah where I did another Sprint triathlon, shaving 10 minutes off my time and finishing in 1h25m.

As I reflect on this past year, unexpectedly I’ve realized how the principles of Product Management, the discipline I’ve been working in for over 11 years, have played a significant role in my progress. Setting goals, prioritizing tasks, iterating on plans, being agile, and focusing on continuous improvement have all contributed to my growth in triathlons (as well as in my Product career).

Moreover, the mental resilience required to excel in both endurance sports and Product Management cannot be overstated. Pushing through challenges, maintaining focus, and learning from failures is crucial to success in both areas.

As I continue to grow in my professional and endurance pursuits, I’m grateful for the lessons learned and the continuous support from my family, friends, and network.

I invite you to join me on this journey as I explore the fascinating connection between Product Management, endurance sports, and mental health. Let’s share our experiences, learn from each other, and grow together!

Do you find any other similarities between Product Management and sports?

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