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Mobile Apps Club

Mobile Apps Club

Mobile Apps Club is the First community for Mobile driven people, dedicated to professionals who work and love Mobile Apps. A space to share & learn tips, tricks, hacks, and best practices to design, develop, manage, and grow your Mobile App.

This is a space where professionals, makers, developers, designers, mobile product managers, or anyone who shares love & interest in Mobile Apps can share their challenges, discuss and learn best practices about the mobile world, from no-code to any technology, framework, or operating system.

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Status: offline (only Telegram community in auto-pilot).

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Super Apps directory –


I love apps. So I’ve scoured the Internet for Super Apps. Here’s a list with all the information about them.
Here’s my tweet when I launched it. And the complete Airtable DB.

Status: project stopped.

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Product Flaws

productflaws 1 copy

Let’s face it, every product has flaws. I find them, so you can fix them.
UX Audits as-a-service for mobile apps.

Status: offline.

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